AlleyCorp Fellows Application Program
About AlleyCorp:

Founded by serial entrepreneur Kevin Ryan, AlleyCorp is an incubator and early stage investor that is exclusively focused on investing in transformational companies in New York City. Since its inception, we have launched companies that have raised over $1B+ in funding with an aggregate value of $10B+.

As an incubator, AlleyCorp originates the idea, hires the team, funds the initial 6-12 months, launches the company, and maintains integral leadership throughout the company's lifecycle. Some companies that have been incubated through AlleyCorp include MongoDB, Business Insider, Gilt Groupe, Zola, and Nomad Health. AlleyCorp will also invest in very early stage companies usually as the first seed investor.

Moreover, we believes in supporting first time founders. Almost all of our founders are first-time founders, some of whom student founders, and over 1/3 are female founders. Our goal is to co-create and invest in truly transformational companies with inspiring leaders agnostic of background.

To learn more about AlleyCorp, please visit -

About The AlleyCorp Fellows Program:

For the first time, AlleyCorp is launching its Fellows program to continue our support of first-time founders and student entrepreneurship. We’re looking for the best innovators, founders, and investors still in school. The program will run from January 2019 -June 2019.

What does it mean to be an AlleyCorp Fellow?

As an AlleyCorp Fellow, we want to co-conspire with you on how to best support your entrepreneurial or investing journey. You can choose to focus on elements like the diligence process of an investment, conducting industry deep-dives, familiarizing with the student entrepreneurship ecosystem, or if you are an entrepreneur, focusing on the elements of concept discovery to ultimately lead to a successful pitch in an idea you are pursuing.

Some examples of AlleyCorp Fellow responsibilities could include, but certainly not limited:

- Reaching out to students who are working on interesting ideas
- Organizing campus community events like talks, dinners, seminars, office house, etc.
- Attending AlleyCorp events in New York City (assuming schedules permit)
- Researching specific companies or investment areas that excite you
- Advising or assisting AlleyCorp companies based on your interests and expertise

Fellowships are expected to commit 5-10 hours/week, depending on the academic calendar.

What are we looking for in a Fellow?

We welcome students of all backgrounds to apply. As long as you’re a full-time student graduating 2019 or later, you’re invited to apply to join the AlleyCorp Fellows team. We specifically look for the qualities below:

-Passion for entrepreneurship. You’re an active member of the entrepreneurship or venture capital clubs on campus at your university and beyond. You may be an entrepreneur yourself or care about supporting fellow classmates who are.

-Intellectual Vitality. You are deeply driven by an intense curiosity to solve pain points. You are always looking for themes, analyzing trends, and thinking critically about what the future might look like. You look at your day thinking could things have been better? You are on the search for solving pain points. Some of the best ideas come from pain points staring at us in the face.

-Proactive Initiative. This is our first year launching the AlleyCorp Fellows program so this program is only going to be as great as the awesome fellows who are part of it. As such, you are someone who is excited about being a co-conspirator with us on how to make this the best program ever. You are someone who is proactive about student entrepreneurship in your community.

Application Deadline:

AlleyCorp's general deadline is 11:59 PM EST on November 16th. We plan to review applications and host interviews in December.

For any questions, please feel free to email Wendy Tsu, Director of New Business Ventures at

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