CPS Learn from Home Consent Form
Parents are requested to undergo the procedure of registering their ward for the online classes "CPS Learn from Home". The students will abide to follow all the terms and conditions consented by their parents.
Parents must carefully read and agree with all the conditions mentioned in the undertaking. Kindly make sure that the Consent Form is to be fill-in by the parents/guardians only.

Crescent Public School
Parent/Guardian Consent
To be filled by Parent/Guardian only
I agree to share my contact details (Phone number, email ID) with the school to be used on online platforms like Microsoft Teams, Facebook and WhatsApp. The school is not responsible for any type of data leakage through these platforms. *
I agree to take responsibility for my ward's behaviour/actions on these online platforms (Microsoft Teams, Facebook and WhatsApp) and will keep him/her under my surveliance. *
I agree that my ward will follow all the rules and regulations inscribed by school, while participating in CPS Learn from Home programme. Also, I will take care that my ward is not sending unwanted messages on the school's Online Learning Platforms. *
I agree that I am aware my details will be shared to National Cyber Crime Portal if any unethical activity is done through my account. *
Parent/Guardian Name *
Parent/Guardian Mobile Number *
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