Student Disability Commission Specialized Leads Application
Application is due by 3/28. Contact is Ashley D'Ambrosio:

*Administrative Assistant, Specialized Lead (2-5 hours)*
The Administrative Assistant is responsible for assisting in daily office needs and managing the SDC’s general administrative activities. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: note taking, printing/scanning, organizing task lists, updating calendars.

*Information Archivist, Specialized Lead (2-5 hours)*
The Information Archivist is an information specialist, responsible for assessing, collecting, organizing, and preserving information and records determined to have long-term value to the SDC.

*Disability and Healthcare Advocate, Specialized Lead (2-5 hours)*
The Disability and Healthcare Advocate is responsible for assisting the Public Policy and Advocacy Intern and Director of the SDC in on-campus advocacy, ensuring greater access to healthcare and education for students with disabilities.

*Community and Technical College Liaison, Specialized Lead (2-5 hours)*
The Community and Technical College Liaison is responsible for addressing a lack of education access for students with disabilities beginning in K-12 and through their time at the University of Washington. The SDC recognizes that access to the University of Washington does not begin and end with a student’s time at the University. This student will act as an advocate to bring forward issues of access for transfer students with disabilities and students with disabilities who are looking to transition from K-12 or CEO programs into the University of Washington.

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