Beauregard-"Literacy Love for All" Community Survey
"Literacy" means the ability to read and write. It also includes many other skills such as spelling, speaking, and comprehending. Additionally, literacy is not just limited to English Language Arts (ELA) classrooms. Strong literacy skills are needed to succeed in reading and understanding math problems, social studies and science lessons, and directions on any task or activity.  

As stakeholders of the Beauregard Parish School Systems, your input and support are vital in our daily operations, equitable decision-making, relevant event planning, and successful student learning outcomes. The survey that follows will help with improving our literacy learning in Beauregard schools.

Please take time to fill out this brief survey if you are the parent or guardian of one or more children ages birth to Grade 5 who attend schools in Beauregard Parish. Fill out the survey only one time. Due by May 3, 2024.

The vision of the Beauregard Parish Schools Literacy Team is to give all of our children the literacy education they deserve. Your answers will help our team understand the literacy needs of families in our community. Thank you!
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