Welcome to the HyperLocal Movement! You are just a few questions away from gaining your HyperLocal Certification. Be completely honest and specific. Everything is verified.

Many of our agents have broad expertise in many neighborhoods. For your initial certification, please submit only ONE hyperlocale for review. This should be the neighborhood you are most familiar with, actively farming and are currently doing business in — NOT a zipcode, entire city, region or state.

Upon completion our team will perform a complete review and share the results with you, including areas you are excelling in and areas of opportunity. GOOD LUCK!

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Your PRIMARY HyperLocale *
What do the locals call their neighborhood? Jump on Google maps or Nextdoor for some help narrowing down the right term. Think between 2k to 4k rooftops. We are talking 🎯HYPER🎯local afterall. This is not a zipcode or a city. This is a geographic name that locals would recognize.
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Are you a full time agent? *
Do you hold a current license in your state? *
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How many years have you been an active real estate agent? *
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What is your business website? *
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Do you currently feature neighborhood specific content on your website? *
If yes, where? *
Do you have a business social media presence? *
If yes, please provide the links below for your business related profiles. *
Common pages are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Nextdoor, Yelp, etc. EXAMPLE: https://www.linkedin.com/company/zavvie/
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Do you regularly post to these platforms? *
Do your posts include references to your HyperLocal community? *
Do you have reviews posted online? Please check all that apply. *
Please provide the direct links where we may find your reviews for all of the sites selected above. *
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Is your consumer review average above 4.5 stars? *
If no, is the reason beyond your control? You may explain below.
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How many total properties have you CLOSED on in the last 12 months? *
Your Zillow agent profile is a great place to reference for a quick answer. Consumers certainly do!
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How many of those transactions did you represent the BUYER? *
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How many of those transactions did you represent the SELLER? *
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Over the last 5 years, how many of your closes occurred in your HyperLocale? *
You have SO MANY CLOSES! A shortcut/resource for this answer is to check your transaction map in your Zillow profile. Zoom all the way in on your farm & then zoom back out 5x. This will give you an area with roughly a 1.5 mile radius.
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What else makes you an amazing HyperLocal agent?
Do you live in the area? Serve on local boards? Host community events? Is your town named after you?
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Is there something important to consumers that we are forgetting to ask/add into our considerations?
No need to be shy. Please share!
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Our team will review your answers. Upon completion we will share our detailed analysis with you.

If you have reached HyperLocal HERO status, CONGRATULATIONS! Your welcome email will include your certification badge and further information regarding our referal network.

If not, chin up! Your analysis will include recommendations to help you reach HyperLocal domination. Afterall, every neighborhood deserves a local expert.

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