KWMR Board Youth Representative Application
Interested in radio and community service? KWMR, West Marin’s home-grown radio station, is interested in you! We are now taking applications for our year-long youth representative program, a chance for you to be part of our leadership team.

Youth from the KWMR listening community of West Marin are invited to apply. The age range we are targeting is 14-20, but if you feel you are uniquely qualified and are not in this age range, please feel free to apply. We ask a commitment of attending at least 6 (of 10) board meetings per year and completing a 5-10 hour core project.

To apply for the program, please review the program information ( and then complete the following application. Applications will be reviewed until the program is filled, and our goal is to fill the program by Sept 1, 2020 for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Questions? Program contact is Allison Faust, KWMR Board Member,
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