Solibad DayS - Solibad Challenge 2017
Registration for your action for the Solibad Days 2017 (April 8 - 30th 2017) : "Solibad Challenge"

The idea is to imagine a fun challenge (not dangerous) and to try to make it happen, either on your own, with friends, club mates, etc. Kids are welcome ! We would also like to try to raise some money through these challenges. So, we will add, for each challenge, a fundraising campaign, so that people who support your challenge can donate for Solibad.
The Challenge, ideally, have to start from April 8th to April 30th 2017

What kind of Challenge ? Here are some examples :
- A race, a relay
- A trip on a bycicle, scooter, hooverboard or any other vehicule (with a funny costum on ?)
- A record to break (in badminton, but not necessarely)
- Going over a lake with a raft created with rackets, or go up a mountain using badminton rackets as shoes... ;-)
- create the biggest sculture in the world with badminton rackets
- etc

The crazier, the better !

Also, you can opt for the "Solibad Plank Challenge"
Each day, you record yourself (or do a Facebook live session) while doing a 1 Minute plank (1,05 min the second day, 1,10 the third day, etc), for 22 consecutive days. Each day, you can do your challenge in a funny and different place. Each day, you nominate 2 friends who have to do the challenge, or make a donation online. Your friends who are not nominated (or your fans) can also send some money online.

Here is a form that you need to fill so that we validate your idea and send you the instructions to create the crowdfunding campaign.

Thank you and good luck !
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