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All content for broadcast on Easthampton Media must follow FCC guidelines, you must have secured proper written permissions to use copyrighted material, and adult content will be shown during safe harbor hours.
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I hereby agree to sponsor the program identified in this form. I understand that I am responsible for the presentation of this program or series. I agree to hold harmless Easthampton Media, its directors and employees, the City of Easthampton and the town of Southampton from any liability, loss, claim, cost, or damage or any nature whatsoever which may arise by reason of any claim that any material distribution infringes or violates any rights of any person or organization.

The program or series meets the technical and content requirement and limitations of Easthampton Media as set forth in the Easthampton Media Rules and Procedures -

I have obtained all necessary release forms and rights for the program or series content. I confirm that I am the individual or legal guardian of the individual whose name appears as the submitter of this document.

I understand a paper copy of this document can also be submitted at the Easthampton Media station in lieu of electronic submission.

I also understand that the electronic submission of this form constitutes a legally binding agreement with Easthampton Media, and that I knowingly submit and electronically sign this document.
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Easthampton Media cannot broadcast your content if this statement is not agreed to. Please contact us with any questions 413-203-1360
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