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We Win! is a group coaching process for female entrepreneurs who want a safe & supportive space to practice & refine skills, get answers, and achieve success without more sacrifice. When you join We Win! you join a carefully cultivated “sister" community built on collaboration and trust.

Program Benefits:
1) Maximum 8 participants per group
2) Meeting times set based upon the time that works best for the majority of the cohort
3) 30-45 minutes of coaching in groups of 2-3 participants on odd weeks
4) 90 minutes learning workshop (available on recorded playback if can't join live) on even weeks
5) $10 discount on monthly fee when you sign up with a friend or $20 discount if you pay in full
6) 20% discount on 1:1 coaching for up to 1 year

Your commitments:
1) Once per week meeting for 12 consecutive weeks
2) Three $90 payments every four weeks (payment is due even if you fail to attend)
3) Show up, do the work, & participate fully

Accountability to you and the group is HUGE! Therefore there are no quitters or refunds. If your participation is interrupted for any reason, you are obligated to pay the full fee. In rare instances, exceptions to apply paid fees to other services will be considered. Participants forfeit the right to attend during the weeks that their account is in arrears.
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