History of American Women
Metadata input sheet for Omeka Session 11/4/2019
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Title *
If a title is not provided, you must devise your own. Refer to sheet from class on strategies for devising a good title. Quick tips: Use Title Case, omit first article, Don't start with quotes, don't end with a period.
Description *
2-5 sentences. What is this item and it's context.
Alt Text *
1-2 sentences. What does the image look like, not about the context, all about how you would describe the image to someone who can't see it.
An entity primarily responsible for making the resource. Try searching creators name in Library of Congress Name Authority File (http://id.loc.gov/authorities/names.html), if there's an entry, copy/paste into form. If no entry, format: Lastname, Firstname, YOB - YOD
This is the year the object you are describing was created. Not the digital surrogate.
Type *
Choose the closest match
Format *
Succinctly name the medium of the item, use title case, plural. Ex: Letters, Maps, Photographs, Drawings, etc.
Use the Thesaurus of Geographic Names and copy authorized location name. http://www.getty.edu/research/tools/vocabularies/tgn/
Identifier *
Use the formula created in class to add a unique identifier to your item. EX: hist373_galletly_001
Include if this item is part of a collection (will this update after class)
Only include if not English.
Citation *
CreatorLast, CreatorFirst _Title_. NAME OF EXHIBITION. Middlebury, VT: REPOSITORY.
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