Diversifying STP - Your Thoughts
I welcome your thoughts on diversity and diversification for STP. All comments are confidential. I'll do my best to respond to anyone who provides contact information.
What are some of the ways in which you identify as a teacher of psychology? Consider personal, contextual, relational, and pedagogical affiliations (or others I've not thought of!).
If you could create your own sub-group (or groups) of STPers to connect with at a conference or develop programming and resources with and for, what would you create?
In what ways - formal and informal - do you teach about diversity?
Would you like for STP to explore creating programming and resources around teaching students who identify differently from you? If so, please consider telling me what types of programming/resources would be useful to you?
Do you have other thoughts about diversity in general or diversification in STP specifically? Please let me know what you think...
If you'd like for me (Amy Fineburg) to contact you about your ideas, please give your email address here:
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