SD #51 Career Programs Interest Survey for 2014-15

Students in Grade 10-12 are being asked to indicate what program choices they are interested in participating in for next school year. These programs allow students to gain certification and or options that may support their trade or technical program development and or provide initial training that may help in entering the workforce. Career Programs are coordinated by Mrs. Helen Argue. By filling out this form, students will gain access to program registration and or waiting list options. Fees will be determined by enrollment and posted prior to confirmation.
These are the programs being offered:
- Fall Protection (Learn the components of fall protection systems and review the regulations and standards to keep you safe.  The hands-on component will familiarize you with fall protection systems and help with problem solving in the workplace. (Certificate valid for 2 years)
- Fork Lift Operator (Learn Safe operation techniques, current regulations, common types of forklifts, pre-shift inspections and more. (Certificate valid for 3 years)
- H2S Alive (Learn the physical properties and health hazards of H2S (hydrogen sulphide). This course will teach you how to protect yourself and basic rescue techniques. (Certificate valid for 3 years)
- Occupational First Aid Level 1 (Learn A level CPR/AED, how to deal with minor wounds, airway breathing, circulatory emergencies.  Know what to do until the paramedics arrive. (Certificate valid for 3 years)
- Transportation Endorsement (You will learn more advanced patient assessment and critical intervention procedures while safely moving workers with spinal injuries to medical aid. (Certificate valid for 3 years)
- Standard First Aid with CPR (Provides comprehensive first aid and CPR techniques for those who want more knowledge to respond to emergencies in the home or workplace.  Practice a variety of topics from basic first aid such as cardiovascular and breathing emergencies, CPR, and prevention of disease transmission to more severe sudden medical conditions and injuries to the head and spine.) (Certificate valid for 3 years)
- WHMIS (Hazardous materials abound in many workplaces.  Take this course to elarn about hazardous products, how to read and make labesl and where to find treatment if you or someone you work with is exposed.) (Certificate valid for 5 years)
- Food Safe Level 1 (Get food smart with this course required for all food handlers.  Develop an understanding of basic food safety, learn how to protect yourself and others from food borne illnesses.) (Certificate valid for 5 years)
- World Host (Formerly called Super Host, this fun and interactive course will teach you skills and techniques for excellent customer sevice and effective communication.  You will walk away with tools you can use in most any work environment.)(Certification has no expiration)
- Project Heavy Duty (Students have the opportunity to work on site with a local contractor and learn how to run heavy equipment....2-4 days of hands on experience)
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