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March for Science San Francisco 2017 was very successful. Your support is what makes this success possible.
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1. This form is not the Partnership application.

2. This form is specifically for an organization (profit or non-profit) to express interest in making an endorsement or becoming a sponsor of March for Science San Francisco, our goals, and related events.

3. Individuals who wish to financially contribute to our work, please go through our website to donate.

4. If your organization wants to sponsor but is unable to meet a sponsorship level, please Endorse and donate.
This combination of endorsement and donation will still qualify you as a sponsor.

5. As a non-partisan organization, endorsements from political candidates or political parties will not be featured on our website.

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Endorsements give official support for and recognition of the March for Science San Francisco’s goals and principles.

We are actively looking for endorsements to help us promote the March. With a formal endorsement, you will be showing support for the mission of the March and generating awareness. We will provide electronic copies of marketing materials (flyers, ads, etc.) that can be passed out to your mailing listservs, social media, at outreach events, or other areas. We ask that you assist us in reaching out to your members and partners so that we may spread our mission and information on the March. Endorsements will receive recognition primarily on the March for Science SF website.

Sponsors give financial support which enables March for Science San Francisco, a volunteer run organization, to continue attending and hosting events. All Sponsorship funds go directly to costs which keep our satellite organization running. Sponsors may receive an opportunity to engage directly with attendees at our annual March for Science event in April. We offer a variety of suggested funding ranges and corresponding benefits our staff can provide for potential sponsors.

Quick Guide to Sponsorship
Largest Estimated Costs
Sanitation - $12,000
Permits and Safety - $10,000
Audio/Stage - $6,000
Total Contractual Fees - $5,000
Insurance - $3,500
Training, Volunteer Shirts - $3,000
Banners, Signs and Printing - $3,000
Speaker Tent and Related Expenses - $2,500
Electric Power - $2,000
Music and Entertainment - $2,000
Interpreter - $1,000
Partner Expenses - $1,000
Additional Prep Labor - $1,000
Barricades/Traffic Signs - $500

Total Event Cost Estimate: $52,500

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Please follow these instructions to complete the Sponsorship or Endorsement process
Please send a copy of your logo to to have it included on our website. If you have created a formal endorsement letter and would like a copy of it included on our website, please attach that as well.

**Sponsorship is pending until donation is completed**

Complete donation online, by credit or debit card:

Complete donation through mail:
Please do not mail cash donations.
Make check payable to Sigma Xi for Benefit of March for Science SF
Address mail donation to: Sigma Xi, P.O. Box 13982, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-3982

For further assistance feel free to email

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Thank you for becoming a sponsor or making an endorsement for March for Science San Francisco!
The March for Science champions robustly funded and publicly communicated science as a pillar of human freedom, health, and prosperity. We unite as a diverse, nonpartisan group to call for science that upholds the common good.

The March for Science San Francisco is an independent satellite March and science-advocacy initiative. We believe that the pursuit of science uniquely impacts California’s economic growth, preserves California’s natural environment, and protects the health of California’s residents. We believe public discovery, understanding, and distribution of scientific knowledge are crucial to the freedom, health, safety and success of life on this planet.

Your support is what makes our success possible. Thank You!

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