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Welcome to the Young Feminist Hub Beijing+25/GEF Mighty Network! This online platform was created for and by young feminists from across the world to engage actively in the Beijing+25/GEF process.

It offers a space for mobilising, coordinating, organising, information exchange, collaboration, and strategic planning to put young feminists and intersectional analysis as a framework at the core of the Generation Equality Forum (GEF). It is crucial that the GEF is not only for young feminists, but that it is also lead and shaped by us. Become part of this platform and contribute to different aspects of the GEF as an active participant to stimulate action. We invite you to be bold, innovative, creative and bring your ideas for action and transformation.

Please note, that this is a space for young feminists only and therefore we have set the age limit to 35. It is also a space for civil society organising and we won’t grant access to government, private or IO actors in their professional capacity. Please fill in the following information. It is NOT an application and everyone wanting to join and work on the GEF process can do so. So your answers can be short. This is merely to guarantee a safer working environment. We will send you an invitation after reviewing your registration form.

This is a small piece of a much bigger puzzle to smash the patriarchy. Let’s do this and make 2020 the next step towards factual equality!

If you have any questions, please reach out to 

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The Young Feminist Hub Beijing+25/GEF Mighty Network is a safe space for young feminists to coordinate and organise. The following Code of Conduct lays out core principles for ensuring a respectful environment for all. Thank you for reading it. By signing up to the Young Feminist Hub Beijing+25/GEF Mighty Network, you agree to abide by all principles and work with others to uphold these principles.


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