Interest in Pollinators of Somerville Project
Please fill this out and let us know how you might be interested in participating in surveying and supporting the pollinators of Somerville MA, either by 1.) hosting a Pollinator Pot or 2.) conducting photographic surveys near your home or 3.) participating a couple of times a month in an insect occurrence and abundance survey at the Growing Center (or all or otherwise!). This form is just to express your interest, it's not a commitment and we will follow up with you with more details and to answer any questions!

1.) Hosts for Pollinator Pots would have an outdoor space to place a large pot (20 in X 24 in) containing native flowering plants that gets at least 4 - 6 hours of sun during the growing season and is near the sidewalk/accessible to the public (Pots will have signs on them encouraging people passing by to photograph any pollinators they see!). Hosts would commit to keeping the pot watered during dry periods. Hosts would ideally be willing to maintain the pots through October 2020 (though they can be moved before then if needed!). We have a limited number of pots available now, and more will be available in fall 2019 and spring 2020.

2.) Conducting pollinator surveys would require you to attend a short training and then spend a minimum of 1 hour/month during the growing season photographing pollinators along assigned transects in Somerville (we will do our best to assign you a transect within walking distance of your home!). Cell phone cameras can work fine if you don't have photographic equipment!

3.) Participating in the insect occurrence and abundance survey at the Growing Center would happen a couple of times a month with the Earthwise Aware (EwA) organization. EwA particularly focuses on the center's entomofauna (insect life), so that they can compare species occurrences and population trends between this site and their other EwA study sites in the region —at the Fells, at the Habitat, and at Fresh Pond. Check/Join EwA's dedicated project iNaturalist project here »

This project is being facilitated by Lesley University's Natural Sciences Division, Green and Open Somerville, and Earthwise Aware. There is a space at the end of this form to submit any questions you may have! We will be in touch soon!
Are you interested in hosting a Pollinator Pot on your property?
Are you interested in conducting photographic surveys of pollinators in your local area?
Are you interested in collecting insect data at the Growing Center specifically and doing it in a group setting? If so, we'll contact you to coordinate meetups.
If you are interested in hosting a Pollinator Pot or conducting photographic surveys, please let us know where you live in Somerville (the street or nearby landmark ok if you don't want to share your exact address yet!)
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If you are interested in hosting a Pollinator Pot, please let us know if you have any particular notes about your space we should know:
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If you are interested in hosting a Pollinator Pot, please let us know how we might get the pot to you (you can select more than one) :
If you are interested in conducting photographic surveys, what availability do you generally have during the week to attend a short (<1 hour) training?
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If you can assist the project in other ways please let us know!
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