D1CC Board Member Application
"The District 1 Community Council’s mission is to share knowledge and power, to organize and to advocate for the people who live and work in our neighborhoods. We build leadership to seize opportunities and to work for social and racial justice."

** Please note that once elected you are expected to attend at all 10 board meetings during the year. Meetings fall on the 4th Monday evening of every month. Board members are also expected to participate in a committee, and to assist with volunteer activities and events.

We suggest that you visit our website (district1council.org) to read about our work and priorities. District 1 is a non-partisan organization that seeks to engage a board of directors who represent the cultural, racial, economic, geographic, age and other diversity in our community. Board members need to be at least 18 years-old. Please contact us at district1council@gmail.com if you have questions. Board members are expected to attend meetings on the 4th Monday of the month in the evening, and participate in one committee. Most meetings take place on Monday evenings.

To ensure that we have participation from diverse residents, we have added demographic information to our form. This is also information that we are asked to report for funding. This information is NOT shared with the public.

Applicant information will be posted on our website, and will be available in hard copy in our office.

Voting: District 1 residents, business owners and employees can vote at our annual meeting dates - Saturday, March 23 and on Monday, March 25 from 5-8:00 pm at Battle Creek Rec. Ctr. Residents may also vote at the District 1 office Monday-Thursday, March 18-21 between 9-4:00 pm (or when someone is in the office.)

>> Information from these questions will be shared with the public: 2, 3, 4, 11, 14, 16

Email address *
2. First and Last Name *
3. Do you live, work or own a business in District 1? *
4. Which neighborhood(s) do you live and/or work in?
5. Address *
6. Phone Number(s) *
7. Are you age 18 or over? *
8. Gender (not available to the public)
9. Race (not available to the public)
10. Board and committee meetings are the 4th Monday evening of each month. Please type your name here to commit to attending 10 board meetings. *
11. Why are you interested in serving on the board? This information is important for community members to read to get an idea of why you want to serve on the board. How long have you lived/worked in our District? What issues are important to you (education, housing, resources, etc.)? What changes (if any) does our District need to better serve our residents? What knowledge or skills do you bring to the board? *
12. Please indicate knowledge and/or skills you can bring to District 1? *
13. If you would like to expand on the skills you have listed, or tell us of additional assets you feel you will bring to our organization as we work towards our goals, please tell us here:
14. What other organizations are you a member of? Are you a board or committee member for any groups/orgs?
15. District 1 Community Council Committee in which you wish to participate as a board member. Sometimes short-term projects also require board participation. These will be shared as they come available. (Note that you are not guaranteed a particular committee.) *
First Choice
Second Choice
Third Choice
Fourth Choice
Fifth Choice
Communications (formerly COSCo)
Land Use/Housing/Transportation
Future Committee: Racial & Social Justice
Other - a committee you are interested in forming
16. District 1 welcomes participation from all community members, and we will work to make our meetings, work and information accessible. Do you have concerns that may impact your participation? This might include the need for transportation, child care, work schedule or other factors. (This info is not made available to the public.)
17. What else would you like the community to know? In this area, you can share statements, your enthusiasm for a position, hobbies that are relevant, family information, etc.
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