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Agile Human Factors + eXperience Agile
Sep 28 - 30 | 2020
What is the main reason for the association between my company and the event?
At eXperience Agile® we believe that Agile space create a better workplace, and support organizations who decide to improve through people. Give the lead example and bring your team to the event and later by the end of the day seat at the sunset and discuss about you’ve learned and what your team would like to try next Monday?
What is the profile of the audience?
We have different profiles attending each day of the conference. 8% C-Suite, 22% Senior Management,42% Middle management. From Business, Technical to non-Technical, at the end great people willing to try new things, so if you have something new, that they should try, give them a shout and share that at your booth during the day.
How to monetize this sponsorship beyond the mere exchange of logos?
If you’re willing to attract new talented people to your organization, have feedback ab out a product or service desirability, why not to try with people that are willing to inspect and adapt more often? Other reason can be our media partners will promote your brand as well and that a huge investment, so being related to the coolest conference in town about the new world of work with the best international speakers invited for that purpose, you cannot expect better return on investment to have a picture of your team with a renown speaker and getting a lot of CV’s of new people willing to change their workplace to join your organization.
How will I communicate this association before the event, during the event and after the event?
Before the event we will provide communication materials that you can use in your digital marketing strategy. You also be a part of our monthly newsletter and weekly posts in linked’IN, facebook and twitter. Before the conference we are more than happy to have some great end of day talks about the conference and some online calls with some of the speakers.
How will I interact with the on-site audience of value beyond the mere merchandising offer?
Each sponsor depending on the plan he chooses has several moments of interaction with the public. You will also get a stand near the conference area and coffee breaks area where you can create all the dynamics you want to call peoples attention. Our event app will promote your brand and your lightning talks by the end of the day, hopefully that support a good audience to listen and start more conversations.
What values ​​of my brand do I want to highlight?
XA2020 audience are people that seek and value innovation, costumer experience and new ways of thinking. If your brand accomplishes this values, you can’t miss this opportunity.
Will I have exclusive sponsorship within the business area in which the brand operates?
We are open to everything since is a win-win
How to involve the various stakeholders of the company in the event (employees, media, customers, partners)?
Agile is for everyone. Depending on your sponsorship plan your package will include opportunities of knowledge for all the roles in your company starting with your leadership. See the different events and moments we have.
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