I want to attend a Workshop at Vienna Burning Ball 2018!
Workshop regisration is already closed.

All workshops (except for "Paint your Buddy") will take place at Schwelle7 (Tellgasse 25, 1150 Vienna). You need a Vienna Burning Ball ticket and have registered to attend the workshops.


14 - 15.45 Uhr
Shoebox Theatre: Mills and Boon Edition
Erotic theatre at it’s best! Or worst. Let the saucy writings (ahem) of Mills and Boon inspire you! With less drama than a smoothly-run yoga camp and cringeworthy plots, these unbelievably naff reads are more likely to have you in stitches than tearing off each other’s undies, but can you do better? Write the dodgy script, create the even dodgier characters and backdrops, then prepare for the performance of your life in the Shoebox Theatre.
A shoebox theatre is exactly what it sounds like - a small theatre stage made out of a shoebox. Participants will be expected to “act” with their voices and paper dolls/scenery that they create themselves. No experience necessary. Main language is English, but I am also fairly fluent in German and people can perform as they wish. The main aim is to have fun with double entendres, enjoy making paper dolls and props and to experience a different kind of theatre.

14 - 15.45 Uhr
Nude Sketching: "Make your own Schiele"
Jo’s nude sketching workshop is open for beginners, pros and models and will be held in a closed area (18 yrs and older). Material (paper, cardboard, pencils) will be provided. The workshop is also open for volunteers to model. One of the models will read erotic stories while modelling for us. If you wish, the sketches can be discussed in a supportive manner and a little exposition will be arranged. The workshop will be 90 minutes long.
If you want to model, please bring a towel and prepare some poses that you can hold for approx. 10 minutes (e.g. a yoga pose) or search the web. If you haven’t modelled yet, you can learn to overcome shyness being nude in front of other people (artists) that transform the beauty of your body into a piece of art.

14 - 15.45 Uhr (AUSBEBUCHT)
Acrobalance (beginners / advanced )
Based on classic circus acrobalance, we'll discover different exercises with two or three partners.
Starting with a warm-up and some stretchings, we'll continue with some (more or less) basic poses and some combinations. I'll show you the way to carry and to be carried with a minimum of energy and a maximum of fun. Try to be in balance with yourself and with your acrobatic partners, lift and be lifted, learn being grounded.
There are no special requirements, but please come sober and with your preferred sports dress.

16-17.45 Uhr
Julia and Olivia
Come alone or with partner. We will learn a short lapdance choreography to one song. One person will sit on the chair while the other one will be dancing. At some point (approx. after half of the song) the partners will switch positions so that everyone has a dancing part. We would love to perform with you at the ball. :)

Komm alleine oder mit Partner. Wir lernen euch eine kleine Lapdance-Choreografie zu einem Lied. Eine Person sitzt auf dem Sessel und wird betanzt, bei ca. der Hälfte des Lieds wird gewechselt, so dass beide Personen einen Tanzpart haben. Direkt am Ball möchten wir dann die Choreo mit euch performen. :)

16-17.45 Uhr
Jan and Micha
Have you always wanted to have one of these funky self-made LED burner accessories but did not know how to get started? Look no further!
In this workshop you'll learn to build your own blinking, eye-catching burner head gear. Bring your own hat and we will provide fully programmable LEDs, a small custom board to connect these and all necessary materials and tools. You will learn how to solder, how to apply the LEDs to your hat and we will give you a round-up of the software we use to make it colorful. You can change the patterns and the colors of the LEDs to match your style and costume. And don’t worry, you don’t need any background in electronics or software. We will give you a hand to bring your BlinkenHat to life. :)
The project is all open source and you can change it according to your needs. Or you can just use it as it is. As a bonus we can show you how to extend your blinkenhat with additional LEDs or connect it to other input devices like a switch or a motion sensor, for your tinkering needs after the workshop. ;-)
All you have to bring is an hat we can apply the LEDs to and € 15,- for material costs. Please be aware that we will use hot glue to attach the LEDs to your hat. So don’t bring your everyday business headgear. ;-)
Please note: There is a fee of € 15,- per participant for the materials used that has to be paid at the workshop.
A maximum of 10 people can attend.

19 - 20 Uhr
Paint your Buddy
Julia and Nagu
We provide the body paint and you go wild & crazy on your fellow burner! Be shy? Get lost of social prejudices and bare as you dare. It´s all with consent - you decide for yourself which body parts you want to have painted!
IMPORTANT: this workshop will take place at Cobenzl - your final destination !

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