HTML & CSS Unit Exam
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1. What does HTML stand for?
2. What three tags are required to be in every .html document
3. Which option shows a start tag and end tag in HTML
4. What is the tag for an image?
5. What is the tag for a link?
6. What do you include in the <html> tag to let the browser know you are writing in version 5 of HTML (HTML5)?
7. In what section do you "build" your divs (apply the html)?
8. <div id="text"> Hello World! </div>, is a rule for (a)….
9. <div id="text"> Hello World! </div>, is a rule which can be applied how many times?
10. <span class="greentext">Hello World!</span>, is a rule for (a)….
11. <span class="green">Hello World!</span>, is a rule which can be applied how many times?
12. <h1>, <footer> and <a> represent a rule for (an)….
13. Before CSS how were HTML tags formatted?
14. What is the purpose of a html comment?
15. Which option is an example of a HTML5 tag?
16. What does CSS stand for?
17. What is the purpose of CSS?
18. Which of the following is the correct way to format a div which you will only use once called "text", making it 300px wide and 400px tall with an background color of orange?
19. Looking at the code which tag is the parent tag?
<div id="text"><p><b>Hello World!</b> My name is Mrs. Cullen</p></div>
20.If you have three divs which you want to be placed next to each other and each div has a left and a right margin of 5% provide the max width of each div
The width must be the same for all divs. Round to the nearest whole number. Use the image below as a guide.
21. Which is the correct rule to move just the top of a div named text away from another div by 20 pixels.
22. Select the type of CSS we set up for reset.css
23. Which stylesheet is the most important? Which one will the html tag listen to first?
Problem Solving CSS
24. By default Divs are trained to pile on top of each other especially if they are 100% in width. If you have two divs that you want to sit next to each other that in total equal less than 100% of the container what rule would we apply to the smaller divs?
25. Once you insert smaller divs into your page (less than 100% width) the larger divs stop increasing in height as needed. What rule do we apply to the larger divs to make the larger divs acknowledge the smaller divs?
26. What is the name of the style sheet which we apply to our page to make our page ignore all the default css rules which are applied by all browswers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
27. When you want to move a div what rule do you apply to that div?
28. When you want to move content/image inside of a div what rule do you apply to that div?
29. Choose the correct listing of the box model from inside to out
30. What is a hex code?
31. In the head section when you apply <title>Welcome | Mrs. Cullen</title> where would this appear on your site?
32. Which site can you use as a resource when building a page in HTML
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