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The AUB Press is responsible for issuing ISBNs for publications from AUB. To ensure that you receive an ISBN on time, make sure to send your submission 2 weeks before your publication date. For a list of items that are eligible for an ISBN, refer to the International ISBN Agency's website:

ISBNs cannot be issued retroactively for publications that have already been released.

Kindly note, digital editions and print editions of publications require separate ISBNs. Updated, editions of the same publication also require separate ISBNs. Make sure that you select the option in the form that fits your needs. If you are not sure what option to select, contact us for assistance.

It is a requirement for 10 copies of each print edition of your publication to be submitted to the AUB Press upon release. These copies are used for the following:
• 5 for the Ministry of Culture
• 4 for the AUB University Libraries
• 1 for the AUB Press archive
A downloadable copy of digital editions must also be submitted to the AUB Press. Departments and individuals who do not ensure that the required copies are submitted will be responsible for any fines or fees levied by the Ministry of Culture.

The ISBN is an identifier and does not convey any form of legal or copyright protection. For legal or copyright protection, a copyright page with the required information must be placed. If you need assistance or a usable copyright page in English or Arabic, kindly contact us.

Journals and publication serials require ISSNs (NOT ISBNs) and are special requests that the AUB Press will need to make. Such requests take up to 2 months, depending on the response rate of the ISSN International Center in Paris. Each ISSN is purchased once; its price is set by the ISSN International Center upon submitting the request. Contact us during the organizational phase of your project to ensure your ISSN is ready.

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