Thank you for joining us online! This page contains important information. PLEASE REVIEW CAREFULLY. All students, Kindergarten-5th graders are welcome to participate in Talent Show. Parents and siblings are welcome to join Wiley student(s) in the show. ALL ACTS ARE LIMITED TO 2 MINUTES. Acts should be age appropriate for all K-5 students and their younger siblings. No acts may contain violence, or inappropriate behavior, dancing, or language. The use of real food or liquids as props will not be allowed. IMPORTANT DATES APPLICATION DEADLINE: 11:00 PM, Friday, March 3rd MUSIC SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 11:00 PM, Monday, March 6th INITIAL REVIEW OF ACTS: 3:45 PM, Friday, March 10th DRESS REHEARSAL: 3:45 PM, Thursday, March 16th TALENT SHOW: 6:00 PM, Thursday, March 23th


    APPLICATION DEADLINE: 11:00 PM, Friday, March 3rd NOTE: Permission slips are integrated into this year’s application. By completing the application, you are granting your child permission to participate. A SEPARATE APPLICATION MUST BE COMPLETED BY A PARENT OR GUARDIAN FOR EACH PERFORMER PARTICIPATING IN THE SHOW. Individual applications also are required for parent &/or sibling participants who do not attend Wiley. (Needed for seating, program, and permission for other youth.) BEFORE completing the application, please confirm: 1. Correct spelling of student's / participant’s name - PLEASE ENTER NAME AS IT SHOULD APPEAR IN THE PROGRAM. 2. Homeroom teacher 3. Grade 4. Name of the Performer(s), Group or Act AS IT SHOULD APPEAR IN THE PROGRAM. 5. FOR GROUP PERFORMANCES: At least the first names of other students in the act. (for PTA reference only) 6. Type of performance (song, dance, skit, poetry, etc.) 7. Credit(s) for any borrowed works (original author of songs, poems, etc.) 8. Performance requirements - For example, microphones, microphone stands, music stands, chairs, tables, etc. 9. CONTACT INFORMATION FOR EVERYONE ALLOWED TO PICK UP YOUR CHILD. (First & Last Name, & Phone #) 10. Your child’s availability on the following dates/times: Friday, March 10 - 3:45-5:45 pm - Initial Review of Acts ** Thursday, March 16 - 3:45-5:45 pm - Rehearsal Thursday, March 23 - 6-9 pm - Talent Show **If your child does not come to the Initial Review of Acts, they will not be allowed to perform in the Show. If you are missing information, please DO NOT complete the application at this time. Collect all information first, then complete the application. After completing the form, click “Submit” one time. You should receive a message saying, “Your response has been recorded.” A confirmation e-mail will be sent the following day. If you have problems with the application, please contact Patricia Brezny at 919-609-4952. REMEMBER: Performances are limited to TWO (2) MINUTES.


    MUSIC SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 11:00 PM, Monday, March 6th Music files should be submitted via Google Drive. (the link is below) The music file name should include your child's name and the name of the song. Acceptable file formats are: .mp4, .mp3, .avi, and .wav. Google Drive users: http://bit.ly/TalentShowMusic If you are unable to submit music via this service, a box will be available in the Media Center for collection of non-returnable CDs. DEADLINE for non-returnable CDs: 3:45 PM, Tuesday, March 7th If you have music-related questions, please e-mail talent.show@wileypta.org.


    If Inclement Weather strikes, the effected event and subsequent ones will be pushed out one week.


    For your child’s safety and security, s/he will be released from Talent Show auditions and rehearsals, ONLY to the people named in the application. THIS INCLUDES OTHER PARENTS / GUARDIANS, SIBLINGS, GRANDPARENTS AND FAMILY MEMBERS. If someone other than you MAY need to pick up your child, please include her / his first name, last name and phone number in the "Release" section of the application. Students also may be released to YMCA or Y Learning if noted here. ONLY YOU (the Parent / Guardian listed on the form) will be allowed to pick up your child if the "Release" section is left blank. A sign-in/out station will be located in the rear of the Media Center to facilitate this process. We take your child’s safety very seriously. We appreciate your cooperation and assistance enforcing our sign-out practice. If you have questions, please e-mail Jenny Kalkbrenner at talent.show@wileypta.org


    While this application is publicly accessible, the information collected is PRIVATE. The data is ONLY accessible to Talent Show Committee members and will be used ONLY for the purpose collected. Data will be deleted after the show’s conclusion.


    If you have problems with the application, please contact Patricia Brezny at 919-609-4952. If you have other Talent Show related questions, please e-mail the Talent Show Committee at talent.show@wileypta.org
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