K.N.P.S.V. - Im Schnee
Wij zijn bezig met het kijken naar de mogelijkheid om een wintersportreis tijdens de kerstvakantie van 2021 te organiseren, voor alle studenten farmacie en (bio-) farmaceutische wetenschappen van Nederland ⛷️🏔️🏂.

Je kan interesse tonen door het invullen van deze Forms. Op basis hiervan gaan we kijken of er animo is voor een K.N.P.S.V.-wintersport 🤩.

❗Let op, dit is geen aanmelding, alleen een inventarisatie ❗

We are looking at the possibility to organise a skiing and snowboarding trip during the Christmas Holiday of 2021, for all pharmacy and (bio-) pharmaceutical sciences students from the Netherlands⛷️🏔️🏂.

You can show interest by filling in this Form. Based on this we will look if there's interest for a K.N.P.S.V.-skiing trip🤩.

❗Pay attention, this is not a registration, only an inventarisation ❗
Full name *
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Department *
How many days would you like to hit the slope? (transportation days are excluded) *
Some people might have their own skiing equipment and therefore the price for renting equipment is not included. Renting equipment will costs approximately 15 euro per day
How much would you spend maximally? (Transportation, accomodation and skipass included) *
What is your country of preference *
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