TOHS AP Research IRB Submission Form 2017-18
The TOHS IRB is charged with approving the merit, feasibility and ethical considerations of all AP Research Projects. Through the course of the investigation, the committee examines projects for evidence of prior literature review and the importance of this project, use of accepted and appropriate research procedures that adhere to safety and ethical standards, and that consideration has been given to the various logistical considerations necessary to effectively conduct the research project.
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Discuss the background of your project, including a brief summary of the current related scholarship and the ways in which you believe you will add value to the academic conversation. (please limit your response to 250 words) *
Describe the search process used to identify academic literature relevant to your project. Be sure to include names of electronic databases that were most utilized, names/titles of specific textbooks and journals that were especially helpful, and search terms and strings that were most useful to developing your proposed project.
Describe the human subjects that will be involved in this project. Be sure to include information on: 1. Number of subjects. 2. Inclusion/exclusion criteria. 3. Method of subject identification and recruitment. 4. Methods for recruiting participants *
Where is research (data collection, archival work, interviews, etc.) taking place? What is the expected timeline for this phase of your research? *
Please list the name, occupation, workplace and/or credentials of at least three people who are in the network supporting you with this project. This list should include your formal project mentor. *
Please make a bulleted list of procedures used to conduct your research. *
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