Donation Request
Fancy Tiger Crafts keeps a monthly donations budget and we strive to support local nonprofit organizations and causes by donating craft kits, gift cards or supplies. While we would love to donate to everyone, our budget guidelines sometimes limit how often and what organizations we donate to. To apply for a donation, please fill out the following donation application.

We evaluate applications based on the following guidelines:
-The recipient must be a 501c3 nonprofit organization. A copy of the 501c3 letter from the IRS must accompany the application. Applications without a 501c3 attached will not be considered.

-The application must be received at least 60 days before the event date and the 'pick-up' date in order to be considered. Applications are reviewed on a first come-first serve basis. Because the budget is limited, early submission of your application is recommended.

-The organization or organization's event must fall into one of the following categories: Arts Education, Community Arts and Crafts, Sustainable Fiber Resources, or Education on any of the above.

-We also do not donate to organizations and/or causes outside of the Denver community as we try to make an impact in our community and support local organizations. Also, past support of an organization or an event is not a guarantee of future support as we evaluate every donation request when we receive it.

Thanks for thinking of Fancy Tiger Crafts!

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