Working With Eclipse Remotely
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What is the name of the remote meeting software we can use for legal proceedings?
For tech support questions related to using Eclipse with remote software, the address to use is:
What is a website you can use to check your internet speed on any device?
The minimum requirement for using Zoom is ______ mbps for upload and download speeds.
What are two programs that can be used to record an audio sync file on your Eclipse computer?
The reporter or moderator may want to read on the record any __________ between counsel at the beginning of the proceedings.
_________ has provided a list online of current state rules and stipulations regarding remote depos that you can use for reference.
In federal cases, proceedings are allowed to be conducted via remote as long as they are______________.
When sharing exhibits via Zoom, copy and paste a link to any documents in _______.
To copy a link address for sharing exhibits, the keyboard command is Control+____.
To paste a link address for sharing exhibits, the keyboard command is Control+______.
The Zoom feature used to mark up any document or file used as an exhibit is ________.
The Zoom feature used to create a new graphic from scratch using a blank white screen is called___________.
Select the program below that is NOT an option for calling into Zoom via telephone number from your computer:
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