Queen's First Aid CRT Event Coverage Request Contract
Please review this document carefully; important information regarding the coverage of your event by Queen's First Aid is enclosed. If you have any questions, please contact operations.officer@queensfirstaid.com.
Please read the following agreement:
1. Queen's First Aid (QFA) evaluates coverage requests for events that meet the below criteria. An event must:
i. Involve at least one of the following:
a) Expected attendance is greater than or equal to 30 people;
b) Physical activities;
c) Consumption of alcohol.
ii. Be located on Main or West Campus OR is a sanctioned University/AMS off-campus event;
iii. Have Queen's Student Constables or other security personnel present if alcohol is being served.

2. This request form must be submitted no later than 14 days prior to to the event date to ensure coverage.

3. If Queen's First Aid's coverage of an event exceeds 4 hours or more, event organizers will provide the Queen's First Aid volunteers with a meal.

4. Queen's First Aid is a volunteer division of St. John Ambulance that operates not-for-profit; volunteers are not authorized to accept any form of remuneration for their services. Should an organization wish to make a charitable donation to the Unit, please contact the Unit Chief of Queen's First Aid.

5. Event organizers must provide QFA the name of a sober contact person for the event. This person is responsible for: coordinating with QFA responders at the event, guide QFA to a pre-determined post location, provide QFA responders with any pertinent event details and ensuring that they receive a meal (if the event agreement calls for it - if the event runs more than 4 hours). They are also responsible for ensuring that all persons who leave the event do so safely.

6. Submission of this form does not guarantee coverage of the event. The Unit Chief and Operations Officer reserve the right to make all final decisions regarding coverage of an event.

7. Queen's First Aid responders, in conjunction with Student Constables or an Executive QFA Member may leave an event they are covering if, in their opinion, continuing coverage could cause injury/illness to the QFA Responders or Staff/Volunteers/Patrons, the event is too dangerous to continue, part/all of this contract is broken by the requesting party, or the request was misleading in its description of the event.

8. The QFA Operations Officer will contact you regarding receipt of this request. You will also be contacted at least one week before the event to confirm coverage.
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