Spreedly Advanced Vault Onboarding
The information needed below is required for Spreedly to enable certain Advanced Vault Features, Including Network Tokenization and Master Card Real Time Account Updater.  If you do not have immediate plans to use these features, we still recommend completing these steps early so your account will be ready if and when you decide to begin utilizing them.   
In order to have a TRID issued for a merchant to use Network Tokens, Spreedly shares the information below as well as your card volume with Visa and Mastercard as part of the TRID issuing process.

Once the information is submitted, the TRID issuance process can take ~1-2 weeks for processing and activation.

MC ABU onboarding and registration takes ~2-3 weeks.

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Full Merchant Legal Name / DBA *
Preferred Name (Consumer Facing Entity Name) *
U.S. EIN Number Tax ID (if you are an international merchant and lack a EIN, please enter your country's Tax ID or contact your Spreedly Account Manager for assistance) *
If you are an international merchant and lack a EIN, please specify what type of Tax ID has been provided above?
Regions in which you’ll be transacting
Primary Country (Primary location, TRID can be used in multiple regions) *
Merchant Category Code *
Physical Address *
Company Website URL *
Environment Keys of the Environments to be enabled for NT *
Primary Contact (First and Last Name)
Primary Contact Email *
Optional - Prior TRID
Merchants who have already been transacting with Networks Tokens will not require a new TRID to be generated.  Instead, we will link your prior TRID to Spreedly.  Please provide your MC and VISA TRIDs below.  
MC and VISA Previously Generated TRIDs
Will the account be requesting for a backfill to provision NT onto the existing vault?
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