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First we want to thank you so much for offering your services. We all know that our Shelters are filled with dogs in need of homes. A large reason is because dogs are not spayed or neutered and so unwanted puppies are born all the time. Homeward Bound CT and CT Animal House are trying to help make a dent in this situation.

World Spay Day is February 23rd and we would love to be able to reach out to local shelters and rescues and direct them to Veterinarians that will offer discounted or free spay and neutering on that day and any time in the future.

On March 21st we will be holding a Fundraiser to help raise funds for Spaying/ Neutering throughout the year.

Our focus is to help Connecticut Dogs Only with these funds. If you are able to join us in this project we'd love your help. The more Vets we have the more dogs will be helped and find their forever homes.

If you have any questions or need any additional information feel free to contact us directly at or call 860-553-3641.

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