Listener Feedback
Feelin' Film has been going strong since the spring of 2016 and as we approach our 200th episode it feels like a good time for us to get some feedback from you. We'd love to hear your thoughts on the below questions so that we can continue to improve your weekly listening experience, as well as our extra content for Patreon supporters. We've kept the number of questions small and this survey is entirely anonymous. Thank you in advance for your feedback, and most of all thank you very much for listening!
What can we do to improve the show for you as a listener?
If you are a regular listener, what do you look forward to the most about the show each week? Why do you tune into Feelin' Film each episode?
What genre or kind of films do you most like to hear episodes covering?
What can we do to improve your Patron experience? (for Patreon supporters)
What bonus content do you enjoy the most? Least? If you have not listened to bonus content, why not? (for Patreon supporters)
If you are not yet a Patron, what kind of rewards/benefits would make you consider supporting the show? (
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