Teacher Safety Education Module

[The contents of this module were created by Illinois State University.]

Why are teacher education majors required to participate in this safety-related task?

The Illinois legislature requires that the curriculum at all State universities contain instruction in safety education for teachers and other education professionals.

Southern Illinois University Carbondale has chosen to have teacher candidates fulfill this requirement via the following web-based module.

Teacher candidates will read and consider the following material. The content is intended to encourage teacher candidates to think about safety. A series of questions are included to ensure comprehension.

The entire task will require approximately one hour.

Before beginning this task, please read the following statement and make a commitment by selecting the box below.

1. Commitment

I understand that the following material is intended to fulfill a licensure requirement. However, as a future educator, I want to ensure that all students have a healthy and safe school and community environment and educational experience. I am committed to the safety of the children and youth whom I will educate. Therefore, I commit to developing safe personal and professional habits. I recognize that my behavior will serve as a role model to children and youth. My safe behavior may inspire them to be safer. Furthermore, I will work to help students develop safe habits in and out of the classroom.

    This is a required question