Submit an Awesome Job in Vietnam!
This gets sent via Facebook post and a Google Group (!forum/awesome-jobs-in-vietnam) once every 3-4 weeks. Most of the job seekers are age 22-34, bilingual (English & Vietnamese), with a business background (finance / marketing / ops). Opportunities are skewed in favor of tech companies and tech roles at major traditional companies, but may include other opportunities.

Requirements to be considered:
- All fields below
- A or tinurl link to the JD
- JD should be in English, include a submission deadline, and instruction for submission (e.g. link to application form or e-mail address)

The send is a *curated* list of ~10 opportunities. There is no guarantee that your listing will be included in the send -- it is totally at the discretion of the list owner, and many factors are considered. In any case, you may also wish to post via LinkedIn, VietnamWorks, GetLinks, etc.

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