F21 COBRA Registration
Welcome to the Spring 2021 COBRA Team Registration!

This registration will allow us to collect primary contact information and payment. Also, there is important information included, so read thoroughly.

WHO SHOULD REGISTER: Team Managers should register their TEAM. You will NOT register your individual players during this process, but you must add players to your rosters. More info on this to follow.

INDIVIDUALS do NOT register on this website. Contact your league administrator to find out how to play on a COBRA team. Requirements vary from league to league.

TOURNAMENT SEEDING will again be based on Sunday Play (season) performance, followed by head-to-head results, with the final tiebreaker being FIRST TO REGISTER. Your registration will not be complete until payment is received, so complete the process ASAP.

Contact the following with questions:

Tim McMullan @ 407 314-4437 or McMullanT@gmail.com
Carrie Powers @ 407 492-1000 or CarriePowers80@gmail.com
Jim Brashear @ 608 633-1918

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