Test Championship / FTP Survey
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The ICC is currently examining ideas for a test championship. Adding more context to test cricket has been discussed for more than a decade, but all plans have fallen through when put before the board. This is largely because the financing, scheduling, and promotion of test cricket is built on a fragile foundation of unstable bilateral agreements.

In order to find a path forward, it is essential to gain a broad understanding of what matters to the boards, players, broadcasters, and fans of cricket. Once this is established, a test championship (and FTP schedule) that meets those needs will have a better chance of being enacted.

This survey does not propose any single plan. but instead, aims to understand what matters most in formulating one. By having your say you can help to guide cricket to a brighter future. There is space in the final section for comments; feel free to step outside the scope of the questions offered.

Let's begin...
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