Minion Masters PTR Signup
Thank you for your interest in joining the Minion Masters PTR (Public Test Realm) group.

As a PTR tester, you will test new content on the PTR and provide feedback for the Minion Masters design team through questionnaires and discuss feedback with the team directly in the Discord channel. Responses from the PTR testing group is an extremely important part of creating new content for the game.

To join, you must be able to write in English, be open-minded, and have time to test and discuss new cards, masters and other content with us. It is a requirement that you are open to testing new cards/masters through rigorous playtesting. You must also have a Steam account and be able to play the game on PC (you will have the full collection of cards at your disposal).

Please fill out this questionnaire to give us an idea of which type of player you are. We need players of different preferences.

We will contact you on Discord when we are doing a new wave of invites.
What is your Discord Tag? (We need this to contact you)
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