LWSD High School Feedback: Written
Is your child's LWSD high school meeting the needs of your highly capable student?

As a continuation of our December listening session, we are seeking feedback from you about your child's experience at LWSD high schools. The purpose is to determine how best the LWSD high schools are meeting the needs of kids who were in the Quest program.

We intend to take these up to the district authorities to effect changes as needed.
(Only school and grade information will be referenced, no other identifying information will be shared)

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Which LWSD high school/program is your feedback about?
What grade is your child in?
In which of these Quest programs did your child participate?
Question 1: What is your intention in providing feedback? *
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Question 2: How is your current high school meeting your (gifted family’s) educational needs? List what you think the school is doing well. *
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Question 2b: List what you hope your school (or the district) would do to better serve gifted high school students? *
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Question 3: How was the transition from middle school Quest to the high school? List your suggestions would you suggest to improve the transition? *
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Question 4: In your decision making process about high schools options did you consider other options? List the factors affected the final decision. (Other options include: Choice schools, UW Robinson Center, private schools, online/home schooling)? *
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Question 5: What are some outside activities you or your child does to compensate if you feel like your educational needs are not being met in the high school setting you are in ? *
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Question 6: If you could wave a magic wand and you or your child can have exactly the high school experience they want, list what that would that look like? *
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Question 7: Please list what is going really well in your child’s high school experience? *
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