Nominate an artist for NLMAs Consideration
Throughout the months ahead, we want our judges to consider as many live artists as possible to better inform the voting process. So - we are asking artists, and their representatives, to supply material to help the judges of the National Live Music Awards (NLMA), and to ensure you are considered by the NLMAs Judges.

The application form is open until August 12th, 2020

Below, artists or their representatives can provide links to live footage and advise the NLMAs of upcoming shows.

Key details:
· You may fill out this form once per artist.
· You can follow-up as the year progresses with more videos and tour dates sent to You can ONLY follow up if you’ve first filled out this form.
· To complete this form you must have authority to supply the artist's information. The NLMAs has 100 judges around the country, with at least 10 in each state and territory, and no more than 15.
· This form should not be completed by fans or advocates of an artist. Please encourage the artist or their representative to fill it out instead.
· Artists do not need to fill out this form to be considered, but the extra information will help the judges in their assessments.
· The quality of the video content is not being assessed. It is supplementary material only.
· Nominees must have performed in their home state between 1st September 2019 and 31st August 2020 to be eligible for State/Territory nomination, or anywhere in Australia to be nominated for a national award.
· Online performances are eligible.
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Upcoming Concerts in Australia
This can include online live streams. We certainly understand if this is blank, however!
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If you are not, please get the person who is to fill out this form. Fans of the artist should not be using this form. If you are filling out this form you need to be able to organise things like tickets to their shows for our judges and be someone we can contact for follow-up information if required.
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