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Form for Dota 2 replay submissions to DoubleClickDota2 ( Looking for the CS:GO submission form? Click here:
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Name (Required) *
Your in-game name at the replay, or preferred name to be shown in the video, video description and credits.
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Country (Required) *
The preferred country you want displayed (current living or background country).
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Hero of focus (Required) *
The hero that we should be focusing upon viewing the replay.
Match ID (Required) *
The Dota 2 Match ID number for the specific match. This can be found on your Dota 2 profile and on Dotabuff.
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Replay Time/Spectator Time: (XX:XX - XX:XX) (Required) *
If you are watching from a replay, you can type in the time code at the top right of the replay. If you were in-game or a spectator and you remembered the time it happened, then you can type the time from the game clock at the top-center of the screen. Both times are the same.
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Download Link [Replays older than 10 days cannot be accessed!!!] (Optional)
Please provide a download link for the replay file (important because replay files expire quickly). Please use a file sharing service such as / or any other site you prefer. Replay's default location is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\game\dota\replays
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Describe what happened in the replay (Required) *
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Self Promotion Links (Optional)
All social media links that you want shown in the video description, in your honour (,, Steam Profile). You may list up to 5.
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Email Address (Optional)
You may receive a reply back once your video has been uploaded!
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