PCFF Film Selection Jury Application
Hi there! Thanks for your interest in the Providence Children's Film Festival Film Selection Jury.

If you're a first-timer, allow us to set the scene:

There are two methods to view and jury films. You can use either method (or both), but you must commit to watching a minimum of 15 short films + 2 feature films OR 20 short films + 1 feature film between now and Thanksgiving.  You can vote as an individual juror or gather the whole gang and become a family jury.

METHOD 1. The most common jurying method is viewing films at home. You’ll need a computer, regular-sized tablet or (ideally) a way to stream videos to your TV. Watching films on a tiny phone screen won’t cut the mustard. Once your equipment is ready, settle into your easy chair and view the films in our “online screening room.” Score a film's strengths and weaknesses right on the website and tell us if you think it's Festival material.

METHOD 2. You can also jury films by attending a community jury event in the fall. This is a very popular and fun meetup where you will see and hear that what YOU thought about a film may not be what somebody else thought. The best part is discussing WHY!

Ready to join the Jury? Sharpen your pencil, grab some popcorn and sign up here! 

Would you like to participate and vote as a(n):
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