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October 8-13, 2018 -- "Back in the Mix, Back on the Bricks"
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Cajuns Can Care Food Items List
Cajuns Can Care: Wednesday, October 10, 2018 11 a.m. - 1 p.m on Boucher Street - proceeds going to UL Lafayette Campus Cupboard - Donations are to be dropped off on Boucher Street (near McKinley Street entrance) - Donations will only be accepted between 11 am - 1 pm - Acceptable donations include: Tuna, Peanut Butter, Canned Meat, Chili, Ravioli, Canned Fruit, Cornbread Mix, Pasta, Dry Beans, Mac & Cheese, Spaghetti Sauce, Crackers, condiments, Any other non-perishable food items or hygiene items will also be accepted - NO BOTTLED WATER
Parade Rules
Parade & Floats Building: Float building will occur the week of October 8-October 12, 2018 . Blackham Coliseum will close at 12AM every night and security will be posted to ensure all students safety. Float Building : Barns will be reserved for the purpose of storing, constructing, and decorating floats.Barns may be used between the hours of 9am and midnight each day. Friday Night Oct. 12-Saturday morning Oct. 13 Barns will close at midnight Friday night. Police will escort students out of the barn at midnight. Police will be stationed inside the barns for float security to eliminate students staying to “guard” their floats.The barns will re-open to students at 7:30am Saturday morning before parade line up at 8:30. Parade: Parade will be Saturday, October 13, 2018. Line up from 8:30AM - 9:00AM. NO LATE FLOATS WILL BE ALLOWED TO RIDE. If your float is not in the correct line up position (not in the barn) you cannot ride. Line up will be at Blackham Coliseum All floats must be checked in by 9:00 a.m. Those riding in the parade can park at Sorority row, the intramural field lot, or the cabbage patch and walk to Blackham. Parade rolls at 10:00 a.m., Johnston to St. Mary Blvd ending just past the Alumni Center. Float Design: Purpose of this event is to promote school spirit, therefore decorate your float according to the Homecoming 2018 theme - Back in the Mix, Back on the Bricks. Floats should all be UL, school-spirited, Ragin Cajun themed. We do not want to see any fairy princesses, Spongebob, Wizard of Oz, etc rolling down Johnston. Floats cannot be higher than 15 feet (from the ground to the highest point on the float including people) due to electrical lines and trees.Ex: if your float is 14 feet high, and a 5 foot person is standing on it, the overall height is now 19 feet. This would not be allowed. No hay or straw in or on floats (including as decoration)Have the name of your organization, “Homecoming 2018,” and “Back in the Mix, Back on the Bricks” somewhere on each side of the float. Only one float per organization Be sure the truck pulling the float can handle both the weight of the float and the riders. If appearing to be too heavily loaded while driving, safety inspector will have to remove the vehicle from the parade route. Float must be completely intact during inspection. No decorations, items, flags, etc. may be added after the safety inspector has checked your float. Float riders:No animals of any kind in the parade or on floats No throwing beverages, liquids, or other distasteful items from float (this is a family-friendly event )Provide multiple trash bags for your own float. NO ALCOHOL allowed on any float or vehicles. No glass containers on floats or in vehicles. No organization will be able to use the microphone or electronic equipment located on the judges' stand. No one is allowed to jump on or off of a float during the parade. Whoever starts riding, must stay riding. Whoever starts walking must stay walking. Do not sit on the handrail of your float or your float will be removed from the line up.No floats will be allowed to remain at Blackham Coliseum once the parade is over.All float riders must be enrolled students or University employees.All riders must stay on the float at the end of the parade and be escorted back to Blackham where they disband.No floats will be allowed to display any political signs or distribute candidate buttons, pamphlets, etc; any entry doing so will be disqualified and may not be allowed to participate in the parade.You may be removed from the parade at line-up or en route if any of the above rules are violated and your organization will be disqualified from this competition and subject to disciplinary action.Float Trailers must be fit for duty and structurally sound.Float riders must keep their hands, feet, legs, and all body parts inside the float trailer at all times.Float riders may not entice parade patrons to approach the float.No smoking on floats and no smoking in vehicles carrying generators.The use of fireworks on the float is prohibited No cooking or open flames on floats or vehicles, no exceptions.Tow Vehicle and Operator: All tow vehicles are subject to inspection for safety and fit for duty with respect to the towing load. This includes but is not limited to: tires, lights, trailer hitch, trailer wiring connection, brakes, etc.Tow vehicle registered owners must have proof of current registration and proper insurance before being allowed to participate. All tow vehicles operators must be accompanied by a safety watch companion, who is responsible for watching the float and tow vehicle at all times. Float Trailers, General: Hitch must be in good shape and safety chains (two) provided (Gooseneck trailer hitches exempted) Trailer tires must be in good shape and properly inflated.The number of participants riding must not exceed what is recommended for the size and weight capacity of the trailer. (approximately 75 riders for a long flatbed; less for a smaller trailer or other type of vehicle) Generators shall be mounted securely and checked for proper ventilation and clearance to combustibles. Pay special attention to the generator exhaust and its proximity to any combustible material.Fire Safety: One 2 ½ pound type ABC fire extinguisher is required on all floats
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