Focus on the Children Application
This application should be used for requests from our Children's Fund for goods or opportunities on behalf of children / families you are serving who are living or attend school in Livingston County.

All requests require a professional referral / sponsor resource such as school counselor, teacher, case worker, medical service provider, etc. FOTC will review the requests and contact the referral resource person if we have any questions or are in need of further information, such as delivery preferences. You will be responsible for confirming with families when deliveries will be made, invoices are paid, etc.

Examples of types of requests:
1. Beds and cribs
2. Class trips
3. Camp opportunities
4. Recreation equipment and costs
5. Tutoring
6. School supplies
7. Club participation
8. Evaluations / assessments
9. Special medical needs
10. Arts and culture opportunities
11. Other unique needs or opportunities where funding is not available or is insufficient through other resources

Areas not served by FOTC
1. Rent and utilities
2. Food
3. Diapers
4. Emergency medical needs
5. Services available through other agencies or programs

If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We may not be able to assist, but may be able to provide contact information for area services and resources.

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