Water-Based Systems Layout (WBSL) Standards Update Survey
NICET will begin the maintenance and update cycle for the Water-Based Systems Layout (WBSL)  certification exams in autumn of 2022. As the Development department begins the preparations for this process, a review of the codes and standards used to support exam content must be completed.

The community of WBSL technicians is one of the most valuable assets in creating the Fire Protection certification programs, and, as a result, NICET wants to get feedback from the community regarding the edition years of the codes and standards to be used on the next set of exams – specifically the NFPA codes.

In the past, exam development required the next edition year of a code to be used (i.e., if 2014 was used on the previous exam, the update would use 2017). However, NICET recognizes the gaps incurred when updating exam content in this manner. To that end, NICET desires to update WBSL exam content to reflect more recent NFPA codes. But we need feedback from WBSL technicians regarding the edition years that should be used in this next cycle of development.

The new Water-Based Systems Layout (WBSL) certification exams are tentatively scheduled for release in Winter 2023.

*** Please complete the following survey by July 12th, 2022.***
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