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The African Caribbean Irish Owned Chambers of Commerce is a social enterprise organization that was formed to serve as an ecosystem representative for businesses owned, directed or serving the African Caribbean Ethnicity Asian business community and individual professionals.

The ACIO-Chamber target is to influence its members through policy lead lobbying for change, paving way for individual members for leadership through training and cultivating members for senior business mindset and strategy management.

We represents all Africans Caribbean businesses both profit or non- profit regardless of race, religion or nationality. We seek to champion the rights of Africans Caribbean in the area of business lead in Ireland through providing relevant training on how to utilize the resources they have, and leverage the technology available to get the most out of their businesses to expand business prospects in spite of their skills, without discriminatory act.

ACIO-Chamber in collaboration with Adcenter, BABA and others to promote annual "Pavers Award" in the media by informing and educating members on business opportunities available to their organizations including tenders, funding opportunities and trade opportunities both nationwide and in the continent using this to build roles models to inspire, motivate, mentor and change the narrative in bridging the wealth gap.
Why you need to REGISTER WITH US? You will be supporting a community of business network in your community, You will be joining us in achieving our aims, objectives in a collaborative effort to build our "Economic Power" " African Wealth" in Ireland and creating a platform for our business community to be on the Irish mainstream commercial market *
Tell us about yourself and what you do? Tell us how you can support us with what you offer?
A platform to feature your business on all our social media platform life. One-on-One Interview session, where you tell us about you, the brand, service or product and goals
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Book a virtual stall for your personal brand or business; Why you need to book An Information Stand OR Exhibition Stall @ Our Virtual Stall Exhibition? You will be supporting your community in showcasing what product or service you offer. You will be creating a platform for your business to be seen on a wider platform and reaching out to a wider range of audience outside your own network
How Can You Support the ACIO-Chamber of Commerce? Support us with gift items or pack from your business product or offer complimentary service, send us sample. Include your details which should include, Name, Business, Website and Contact. *
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Thank you to over 200 people that registered to join us at the ACIO-CHAMBERS of Commerce Monthly Business Presentation
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The African Caribbean Irish Owned Chambers of Commerce is here to support your business interest and provide you with a community of business network

Registration for Phase 2 ECO:
PHASE 2 ECO ECONOMY COMMUNITY OPPORTUNITY: EDUCATION IS BUSINESS; Register to Join us on the 15th of every month @7pmThrough and every week "Monday Business Breakfast" (a virtual talk show 8am)

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