NM Healthy Soil Survey
This survey helps inform the proposed New Mexico Healthy Soil Act, which would establish a voluntary incentives and education program to support farmers, ranchers and other land managers in soil health stewardship.

The Act will be based on the five soil health principles and designed to help farmers and ranchers be successful. This state-level program is an opportunity to leverage federal and other conservation moneys, providing matching funds so that cost share is no longer an issue.

The Healthy Soil Initiative gives New Mexicans more control over how conservation money is spent and is geared towards our specific needs. The Soil & Water Conservation Districts and other local organizations facilitate the work with interested land managers. Incentivizing voluntary soil health stewardship will boost the economic viability of New Mexico’s working lands and lead to greater vitality of our rural communities and ecosystems.

The New Mexico Healthy Soil Act has been endorsed by bi-partisan sponsors in the NM legislature and will be introduced in early January.

We appreciate your feedback regarding the proposed legislation!

How would you asses the current state of New Mexico's soils?
What do you think is the most critical cause of soil degradation in New Mexico?
What is the most important action our state could take to support soil health in New Mexico?
Your answer
How important is it to support producers in their efforts to improve New Mexico's soils?
not important
very important
Why is soil health important? Check the boxes that matter most to you.
Is introducing a New Mexico Healthy Soil Program that would incentivize agricultural producers to implement soil health principles and approaches a good idea?
I'm not supportive of this idea
I'm 100% behind the idea
What would a successful Healthy Soil Program look like?
Which agency would be best suited to administer and implement a NM Healthy Soils Program?
What is your connection to soil?
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