Women's Republic contributor application - 2021
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Below are four essay prompts. Pick one and write on it where it says [WRITE HERE] - min 1500 characters.
1. Write about a time when you discovered internalized misogyny in yourself or in another strong feminist. How did you react? Could you trace it back to something you remember from your past? What did you learn from it or how did you work to unlearn the internalized misogyny?
2. Have you ever encountered sexism in a culture or community that was not your own? Did you decide to challenge it, and why or why not? Did you talk to anyone within the culture/community about it?
3. Write about an inspirational figure in your life and the feminist life lessons you learned from them, either directly or indirectly.
4. Women’s Republic has the following values: 1. inclusivity 2. intersectionality 3. accountability 4. empowerment 5. respect 6. excellence - Choose one and talk about how you have engaged with this value.
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