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1. Do you lose yourself in relationships - neglecting to care for and value yourself? *
2. Do you keep yourself so busy that you barely have time for a relationship? *
3. Do you obsess over others, giving them excessive time, value and attention? *
4. Do you lose interest in your partners after a short time? *
5. Do you go from zero to marriage in 60 seconds? *
6. Do you avoid commitment? *
7. Do you ignore red flags and choose to see the best in others? *
8. Do you pick partners who are less mature, independent, or productive than you? *
9. Do you jump from relationship to relationship, hardly staying single for long? *
10. Do you find fault with everyone you date, like you just can’t find “the one”? *
11. Do you stay in harmful relationships for too long? *
12. Do you feel safer being alone? *
13. Do you try SO hard to make relationships work but they keep failing? *
14. Do your partners always seem to want too much from you? *
15. Do you suffer from fears of not being good enough for your partner? *
16. Do you avoid being known and sharing vulnerably in relationships? *
17. Do you accept sex when you want love? *
18. Do you feel smothered in relationships and become aloof or unavailable? *
19. Do you often do whatever your partner wants to do? *
20. Do you get into or stay in relationships when you’re not even sure you want to? *
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