AfroComicCon Volunteer Application 2019
Thank you for your interest in volunteering for AfroComicCon 2019! The production team is excited and ramping up for our third annual convention that promotes diverse professionals who are underrepresented in the arts, media and entertainment industries. This grassroots event is truly by the people, for the people. We are so grateful for you, your energy, your love and all the ways your shine helps to support our thee-day festival in October!

Please complete the volunteer form below. List all specific convention dates you are available, your skills, abilities and superpowers. If you have responded to a previous email, please still complete the form so we will have your complete information and availability here.

AfroComicCon is the first comic book convention in the San Francisco East Bay that honors and highlights people of color and women in various arts and entertainment fields.

BLAM stands for Black, Latino, Asian, Manifested. Our third annual convention which features: comic books, science fiction, afro-futurism, a Black Panther theme room, fashion/cosplay, gaming, VR, film/webTV, literacy, animation demos, FLASH, fit like a super hero program, a mini-film festival, a free kids community day and many other forms of artistic expression and fun activities. We welcome, serve and entertain about 1000 people over the 3-day festival.

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