AAFE Fundraiser Rewards Form
AAFE is turning our Union Office into a Youth Center! Our vision is to create a space where youth have a second home where they can build community with each other and with our larger Flushing community. We want the space to be comfortable, safe, and powerful, filled with comfortable couches, a library, a technology lab and other resources!

Donation amount:
- Origami heart message-
Send us your name and a message and we’ll transcribe your message into a paper heart that we will then use to decorate the walls of our new youth hangout space.

- AAFE Youth button pin (designed by an AAFE youth)-
Display your AAFE pride anywhere: on your sleeve, on your tote, etc

- Homemade thank you card and button -
Our youth will make you a card and write you a personal thank you message!

- AAFE water bottle-
Stay hydrated with an AAFE water bottle!

- AAFE limited edition screen printed tote bag and water bottle-
You’re carrying AAFE’s renovation project, so let us help you carry your belongings! You’ll receive an AAFE tote bag screen printed by one of our youths, in addition to an AAFE reusable water bottle.

- Flushing gentrification tour-
Come explore the history and gentrification of Flushing

****Thank you so much for your donating and support! Please fill out the following form so we know how to get your reward to you!****
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