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Keep track of your total and enter amount owed at end of form.
Please contact band director if you have any questions or concerns.
We believe that no student should be excluded from music due to inability to pay.
Uniform Cleaning Fee: Required for all ($40) *
Student Shirt Size (Free Band Shirt*) *Paid for by Music Boosters *
Drill Masters (shoes): Required *
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Gloves: Required for all except drummers ($2-3 per pair) *
Band Jacket: Optional *
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Band Jacket Left Sleeve Embroidery: Optional ($5) Use space below for embroidered text Examples: "John Smith" "John Smith, Class of 2020" "John Smith, Trumpet"
Additional Shirts: Optional List quantity and size, ex. 3MD, 1XL ($15 ea)
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Checks made payable to “Milford High School”
Please contact Brad Smith at with any questions or concerns.
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Will you attend the Band Camp Family Day BBQ and Performance on August 24th 5-8 pm? *
Number of Attendees for Family Day BBQ (include student in number) *
Acknowledgement Form: In order to maintain the integrity of the Milford High School Music Department a student Handbook has been created. To ensure that all students and parents fully understand the handbook policies, please read the entire handbook (electronic copy online). I have read the Milford High School Music Department Handbook, reviewed the Calendar of Events and and understand the policies, expectations, and procedures stated within. By typing both the parent's and student's name below you acknowledge receipt of the Handbook and Calendar of Events and that you have read them. *
Uniform Agreement: By typing my name below I agree to be assigned a uniform from the MHS Music Department. I acknowledge that while in my possession I am responsible for the care and condition of that uniform. I agree to pay for the repair or replacement of that uniform if it is lost or damaged while in my possession (this includes ripped material, buttons, snaps, stains, etc.) *
Please print, sign and return the forms below. Return forms and the payment from your order above to Mr. Smith. *
Bradley Smith
c/o Milford High School
100 West St.
Milford, NH 03055
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