K&Q A&S Judging Registration Form, 2019
Thank you for registering to judge at K&Q A&S! We are asking all judges to please register by March 9th, so that we can begin forming judging teams.

Please note that the last question on this form asks about your interest in **shadow judging.** This position is designed to give newer judges hands on experience without the pressures of being an "official" judge at a high level competition.

SCA Name *
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Areas of Expertise *
Please describe those art forms that you are experienced with and/or most comfortable judging.
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Prior Judging Experience *
Please briefly describe your prior experience with judging A&S competitions.
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Have you attended a rubric training workshop? *
Note: workshop attendance is *not* required to judge, but, knowing this will help us as we form judging teams.
Are there any entries you are not be able to judge?
Allergies/avoidance of certain to foods, drinks, or other materials may prevent judges from being able to sample/handle items.
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Judging Agreement *
By typing your SCA name in the box provided below, you are letting us know that you have read the *updated* Judging agreement. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xjg5wifoqh9cKSkjmxj8HkpaoqRL9ZqF2amPJsAc7Tk/edit?usp=sharing
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Shadow Judging
Each shadow judge will be assigned to a judging team, and they will participate in the events of the competition as if they were an official judge. While they can and should provide the other judges on their team with thoughts and feedback about entries, they are not part of the consensus team scoring of entries. This is designed to remove some of the pressure of competition judging, and allow the shadow judge to ask questions and learn from the experience.
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