DEEP $100 THANK YOU Giveaway
This giveaway is for people who've read Deep!

Yes, it's ONLY for people who one-clicked and finished reading it!

If you'd like to enter, but haven't read DEEP yet, one-click and get to reading! You have two weeks until the giveaway ends, so that's plenty of time. In fact, even though it's a long, full length novel, Philip may very well grab hold of you and keep you up late until he's done.

You can one-click DEEP from any of the following places...

Google Play:
All Romance:

And you can purchase Deep in PRINT...

The giveaway will remain open until 3/11 midnight. The winner will be chosen randomly and will be notified via email.

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A review is not required to enter this giveaway. The purpose of this question is to help gather reviews for use in marketing DEEP. And they are so appreciated!! Even a quick review can help spread the word about Philip's book!
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While a review is not required, it IS required that you've finished reading DEEP to enter this giveaway, because it's for fans. Haven't done it yet? Don't worry, this giveaway is open for two full weeks. One-click and get started...

Also, the questions are a little vague in order to not be too spoiler-ish. I do have specific answers in mind, but if you aren't 100% sure which one I mean, just give a little more info so we know you read it.

Did you purchase DEEP and read to the end? *
WHERE did Philip and Ella have their darkest moment? *
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WHAT did Philip give her as a symbol of their love at the end?
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Thank you!
Thank you SO MUCH for reading Philip's book and supporting this release!!

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